How To Train A Horse To Ride: Important Things To Remember

How To Train A Horse To Ride Important Things To Remember

Knowing how to train a horse and getting the best results from doing so is very challenging. This is because it involves a lot of preparation, research, planning and patience.

Fortunately, a lot of horse experts have recently revealed some of the best kept horse training secrets and this will surely benefit a lot of horse owners and riders.

So if you are planning to train a horse to ride, the best time to do it now. Just make sure you do a lot of research regarding the subject matter and don’t forget the following.

1. Prepare the horse to carry a rider

One of the most important things that must be done when training a horse is to prepare the animal to carry a rider. To do this, many horse training experts strongly recommend that the preparation be done through the process known as “groundwork.”

Although it includes a lot of procedures and training, groundwork is usually credited for allowing the horse to learn how to tolerate the presence of an individual around it as well as in improving its socialization skills.

Aside from that, groundwork also enables the horse to know how to make steps so that its weight is mostly confined on its inside hind legs, as well as how to improve its balance.

So, as soon as you are confident that the horse has learned a lot of lessons by subjecting it to groundwork, you can now be sure that the animal is very much ready for the training you wish to implement.

2. Make the horse get used to the pressure on its back

Apart from making sure that the horse you want to train has learned the needed skills from the groundwork it went through, it is also an important part of the training to have the animal get used to the pressure in its back.

This is because the horse is not yet familiar with the pressure exerted on its back and this might cause it to lose balance, fall to the ground or worst go wild when the rider attempts to sit down.

To allow the horse to get used to the pressure on its back, you can start training it to tolerate or handle pressure by mounting the animal, allowing it to feel your weight and then dismounting.

Try to do this a few times until you are sure that the horse is capable of handling your weight. Since the horse might feel uncomfortable with what you are doing, make sure to do the procedure mentioned gradually and not to rush things.

As soon as the horse is able to adjust to the pressure that your weight exerts on its back, slowly try to sit on its back in an upright position and stay there for a longer period.

Do this for a few times to make sure that the animal is ready to handle the feeling of somebody being mounted on it.

3. Allow the horse to walk short distances with the rider mounted

As soon as the horse is used to the pressure exerted on its back and is now capable of carrying a rider, allow the animal to walk in short distances while you are mounted on it.

By doing this, the animal will learn how to walk with a rider. Gradually increase the distance it covers but make sure to give the horse some time to rest.

Continue doing the routine until it is ready for longer walks with a rideron its back.

Aside from the things provided above, you can also continue training a horse to ride using other methods provided by experts. Try to conduct more research and get some reliable materials that will further improve the training.

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