4 Best Horse Riding Apps

Apps are pieces of software that are designed for every reason imaginable – from tracking health right through to providing us with a mailbox on our smartphone. They are designed to measure, optimize and track anything you can think of. There are now horse riding apps which have been developed to support us horse riding enthusiasts. And the results of this are pretty impressive.

If we go back a few years, horse riding apps were pretty much non-existent. Thanks to technology growing in leaps and bounds, horse riding apps are here to stay and will surely improve in sophistication and functionality as time moves on. We’ll share our top 3 with you below.

1. Equilab

Equilab is a highly regarded app in the equestrian world. The objective of using the app is to track the length of time that the user has ridden, the various gaits, turn distribution and speed. A user is able to add multiple horses and enter information about each (such as breed, birth date, gender etc.). From this information, the app outputs a horse’s energy consumption and beats per minute after a ride. The app compiles a user’s training history, maps riding tracks and is a handy tool in terms of improving horse management.

2. Horse Riding Tracker

Similar to a Garmin app (used in athletics) or a Strava app (which tracks your workouts via GPS) the Horse Riding Tracker harnesses the GPS on your device to record detailed statistics about your horse riding session. Information, such as distance and duration, is mapped on a satellite map which gives the user the ability to compare past rides and make improvements for future rides. The Horse Riding Tracker also syncs with the iPhone Health app and Apple Watch app. For ring riders, the satellite view may not be terribly interesting. However the app is perfect for cross-country courses, long hacks or outdoor workouts.

3. FEI RuleApp

There are no more excuses when it comes to understanding the rules. With instant access to the FEI rules, you can search the rulebook for answers in a matter of seconds. Not quite sure which boots are allowed in the show ring? Simply look it up. Don’t know the qualification regulations for WEG? Search the app. The FEI Rule Book app provides riders with the knowledge that they need at their fingertips.

4. The PonyApp

To put it simply, the PonyApp is really a barn manager sitting in your pocket. This horse riding app is a favourite of our team because it was created by riders, for riders. The app allows horse riders to track their horse’s daily activities, monitor costs, set reminders, and log workouts within a very easy-to-use app interface. Also included are things like latest news in the horse world, results, and rider spotlights from different equestrian industries. This horse riding app is simply one you must try.

The convenience factor coupled with the undeniably cool element of new, rapidly evolving technology will take your horse riding to the next level. All the above horse riding apps are available to download through the App Store.

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