Basic Horse Training For Competitions

Basic Horse Training For Competitions

The number of people who regularly participate in horse training has increased recently. This is because the latest trend allows them to showcase their horse’s talents and win various awards for patiently training them.

However, participating in competitions is not that easy given that it usually involves rigid and specialized horse training. So if you want your horses to compete and win in horse training competitions, start training them at a very young age.

You should also consider doing the most basic horse training activities, including the following.

1. Train your horse to behave well

One of the most important things that you need to accomplish if you are planning to participate in horse training competitions in the future is to make sure that your horse is well-behaved.

This is because apart from successfully accomplishing the tricks and completing the training routines involved in the competition, the horse’s behavior is considered as a major factor used in assessing the winners.

Given such information, you should start training your horse to behave well when brought in front of the public or surrounded by a large crown.

Aside from that, teach the horse to focus more of its attention to you, to listen and follow your commands at all times even in noisy and crowded places.

2. Teach the animal to accept and obey commands

Aside from teaching your horse to carry itself well in public, you should also train the animal to listen, understand and obey your commands.

This is because the results of all horse training competitions are based on how well the animal was able to accomplish the provided set of tasks by taking orders from its trainers.

Given these requirements, start training your horse at a very young age or soon as you see that it is already capable of socializing and interacting with you.

During the earliest part of the training process, teach the horse to follow simple commands. Don’t rush things by forcing the animal to learn a lot of commands in a single day or training session.

Give the horse an ample amount of time to learn a particular command and gradually move on with the next and more complicated ones.

3. Spend more time doing various walking routines

Almost all of the horse training tests included in competitions involve walking routines. Given this fact, you should make sure you devote a significant amount of time in engaging the horse to perform regular walking routines.

For a start, have the horse walk forward while holding the rope attached to it in short distances. Gradually increase the distance and the duration of the routine. As soon as the animal gets used to this, teach him to walk backwards and backwards.

Don’t forget to allow the animal to perform the routines regularly to help him master the art of walking, and so that when a competition that requires those skills comes both of you will gain an edge over the other competitors.

Aside from that, train the horse to do the walking routines while you are mounted on its back. Start doing the routines in short distances and short periods.

Try to increase the distance involved as well as the duration of the routines for one day both of you will most likely participate in competitions wherein the said skills are required.

4. Help the horse overcome the fear of narrow spaces

A lot of studies show that horses are naturally afraid of narrow spaces. Thus, many horse training competitions include routines that will subject the trainer to have his horse enter a trailer or any makeshift installation that confines the animal to a narrow space.

To avoid getting a low score in a competition which includes this kind of test, train your horse not to get scared when placed on an enclosed area.

Since this is definitely a very challenging situation, make sure to conduct the needed research so as to successfully help the horse overcome its fear. Do not hesitate to seek the help of a professional trainer upon realizing that you might not be able to handle this particular training.

Now that you have learned the most basic horse training competition preparations, you can immediately start doing research to find out how you will be able to successfully train your horse to perform the skills mentioned earlier.

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