5 Simple Horse Tricks You Can Teach

horse tricks

All horse tricks start with basic commands. Many of the most complicated tricks are a combination of several easier ones.

If you’re looking to teach your horse something new, It’s best to start simple. Once your horse masters easy tasks, you can work on more complicated ones.

Looking for simple tricks to teach your horse? Want tips for properly training your horse? If so, keep reading!

We will discuss 5 simple horse tricks that you can teach in no time.

1. Leg up

Leg up is a segway trick for bow and lay down. A good hand command for this trick is to point at your horse’s foot.

Not only is this is a good starter trick, it’s beneficial to you! Tired of bending down to pick up your horse’s foot? Want to make grooming much easier?

If so, this is a trick for your horse to master.

2. Bow

The bow is a useful horse trick for advanced training. To teach your horse to bow, all you need is your horse’s favorite treat!

By placing a treat at heel level, your horse will get accustomed to lowering its head. Once your horse understands the first part of bow, the next step is to make your horse bend its knees.

To do this, hold a treat back so that the horse has to bend to retrieve it. Eventually your horse will be bowing!

Be sure that each step is followed by a verbal command, such as “bow.”

3. Touch

This trick is useful for teaching others tricks, such as hug, fetch and kiss.

Teaching touch is easy. Have your horse touch a variety of items with his nose. Each time your horse completes the trick, be sure to provide an award.

4. Back up

Back up is one of many positioning tricks that your horse should learn.

With this trick, your horse will back up with a simple command. Pointing to your horse’s chest or nose are simple hand cues. A tug on the tail or tap on the hind legs can also be used as back up commands.

Once your horse masters this trick, you can have some fun with it! Try training your horse to back up when you do.

5. Leg forward

Ever wanted to teach your horse counting? What about the Spanish walk? If so, start with the leg forward trick.

Leg forward uses similar positioning as bow but with an added step. Get a little creative and teach your horse a dance with leg forward.

Horse Tricks, Training Tips & More

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