How to Train a Horse

How to Train a Horse

Horse training is regarded as one of the oldest human activities to date. Its origins can be traced to ancient times, particularly in the period when almost all existing human civilizations needed a faster and more efficient means of transportation.

During those times, horses were also trained and used to perform the heaviest jobs that humans could not do. Unfortunately, the improvement in technology eventually made horses less significant to human survival.

It even came to a point where the use of horses was exclusively confined to areas where modern technologies failed to penetrate.

But due to the growing awareness of the negative effects of modern technologies to the natural environment, the significance of using and training horses was once again revived.

Horses can now be seen in different areas performing a wide range of tasks that were previously entrusted to them.

Aside from that, a lot of individuals now enjoy training horses and training  them to perform tasks and trick through.

What are the Most Common Horse Training Methods?

Training a horse can be accomplished using various types of methods. But all throughout history, there are two popular methods that people use to help horses learn to do things that they usually don’t do.

Such methods are commonly used to train the animal to take commands and perform various tasks that are essential to human life. On top of that, both of these methods were proven to be effective in shaping the horses’ attitudes and transform them to become a useful component of human existence.

Personal training is considered to be the most popular and common method of teaching horses to behave well and do a number of desirable things. The training is basically handled by the horse owner or some who is entrusted in taking care of the animal.

The method makes use of experience obtained from handling horses from the moment they were conceived until they are able to learn everything that are taught to them.

Many owners prefer to personally train their horses since this saves them from incurring additional expenses caused by hiring a professional trainer. In addition to that, personal training is a preferred method for some as it allows them to teach the animal a lot of tricks and tasks that are commonly not included in the training offered by a paid trainer.

On top of that, owners usually want to do the training themselves because this improves the bond that exists between them and their horses.

It also provides an assurance that their horses will follow their commands at all times since the animals have already learned to trust them.

Another popular method of training horses is to hire a professional trainer. This is the preferred method for owners who have a lot of horses and for whom training them would be virtually impossible.

With this method, the service of someone who is either certified or has solid experience in dealing with horses is sought for training purposes.

Since this method is handled by a certified or professional trainer, the horses subjected to the training will most likely learn a lot of things. In particular, their behavior and apability to follow commands from humans will improve.

Unfortunately, the method is also a more expensive option given that it involves paying a trainer’s professional fee. In most cases, the fee is quite expensive, especially when the trainer has a lot of certifications that will mean they will charge more for their services.

Why Horse Training is Important

Horse training is basically done to teach horses to do a number of things that they commonly wouldn’t be able to do. However, the type and nature of training that horses get generally depends on how the owners intend to use them.

Horses that are used for agricultural and animal grazing purposes are usually trained to become hard workers, and to be tough and capable of taking on the challenges that they would encounter in carrying out their roles.

Most of the horses trained for such jobs are used to pull heavy carriages and to serve as a quick form of transportation. Thus, horses used in these activities are trained to run faster and cover long distances in spite of their heavy loads.

Aside from livelihood-related purposes, many owners also train their horses as a hobby. In this particular case, the animal usually gets a lot of training to become well-mannered and to perform tricks.

This activity is quite common among horse lovers who consider being able to teach horses a source of intense self-fulfillment. Apart from that, there are also owners who train their horses so that they can be used in performances and demos.

The horses used in such activities are not only well-groomed but are also among the most obedient and disciplined.

Finally, horse training is also important for people who are involved in horse training competitions. This is because the horses used in these competitions are taught to strictly follow orders from their owners or trainers.

In addition to that, training is also necessary for competing horses since it helps them create a stronger bond with their master which is one of the most important factors in winning horse training competitions.





 Horse Training Secrets Revealed small  Horse Training Secrets Revealed $$  5 / 5
 Horse Training In-Hand: A Modern Guide to Working from the Ground $ 4.8 / 5
 The Truth About Horses: A Guide to Understanding and Training Your Horse  $$$ 4.1 / 5
 The Modern Horseman’s Countdown to Broke: Real Do-It-Yourself Horse Training in 33 Comprehensive Steps $ 4.7 / 5
 Horse Agility: Liberty Horse Training $$ 3.9 / 5

Reviews of the Top 5 Products for Training a Horse

1. Horse Training Secrets Revealed

Horse Training Secrets Revealed

Horse Training Secrets Revealed is currently regarded as the ultimate handbook for horse owners and trainers. This is because the material covers a lot of topics about the nature of horses, their behavioral patterns and the best ways to train them.

It is written in very simple language which allows everyone to easily understand the points discussed. Getting a copy of this material is also very convenient since it is offered in a digitally downloadable format and comes at a very budget-friendly price.


Horse Training Secrets Revealed is a complete horse training program which is offered in digitally downloadable format. It is written by Craig Parish, a world-renowned horse training expert who has been working with horses for a long time.

The author also spent a significant portion of his life researching horses, particularly their nature, their psychological qualities, and the best ways to train then.

The material therefore is a product of the author’s substantial research on the subject matter. In fact, it includes a detailed discussion of almost everything about horses.

In terms of horse training, the material offers the most realistic and effective training tips and recommendations that are useful to both horse owners and trainers.

The author also incorporates the ancient ways of horse training which he has proved to be the most effective means of teaching the animal to behave well, learn to trust its trainer and follow orders at all times.

On top of that, the information, tips and suggestions included in the material definitely work for almost all types of horses, even the wildest and the most vicious ones.


Many horse trainers and owners have a copy of Horse Training Secrets Revealed as their ultimate guide in training horses since the material offers a very detailed set of information about horses.

It also shares the secrets of training wild and vicious horses by revealing the techniques and procedures employed by ancient horsemen in teaching their horses. This information is reliable since it was derived from actual accounts found in ancient horse training manuscripts.

Aside from providing the most detailed set of information, Horse Training Secrets Revealed also claims that it can actually help trainers and owners tame and train any horse within 4 to 6 hours, and such claims have been attested to by people who have bought the product.

A lot of horse experts also have this material since it is offered in digital format that can be easily downloaded and costs only a few dollars. In addition to that, the product is currently sold with a lot of freebies including 12 eBooks worth about $218.

The author also offers an 8-week 100% money-back guarantee to buyers who are not satisfied with the results obtained from getting the product.


Although Horse Training Secrets Revealed offers a long list of benefits, the material also has a few downsides. One of these is the fact that the digital copy includes a long and very detailed narrative that will most likely cause its reader to get bored while reading.

Aside from that, it also covers a lot of topic that might confuse the readers, particularly those who are new to dealing with horses.


Despite its few downsides, Horse Training Secrets Revealed remains a top option among horse trainers since it provides the most reliable and effective information in training horses.

It is also comes at a very affordable price and is offered in digitally downloadable format.

2. Horse Training In-Hand: A Modern Guide to Working from the Ground

Horse Training In-Hand: A Modern Guide to Working from the Ground is another bestselling horse training program. Many horse trainers choose this product since it provides information on how to teach horses to do things through groundwork.


Horse Training In-Hand is a modern day instructional manual that offers a lot of useful information that can help horse trainers in schooling their young equine partner, retraining horses with attitude problems and improving the animal’s lateral movements before having them do the horseback routines.

The book is written by Ellen Schuthof-Lesmeister, a popular horse trainer and owner of a large horse training facility located in the countryside near Amsterdam.

With her massive experience in dealing with horses along with extensive research, the author came up with a 204-page book with over 100 colored photographs, which aims to help new trainers improve their horses’ training capabilities.


The product is usually regarded as a very useful horse training manual since it comes with a lot of tips that help modern-day horse trainers to incorporate the classical groundwork routines in training their equine pets.

The information provided by the material is also applicable for schooling green horses, retraining horses with poor training foundations and further improving the skills that well-trained horses have.

The language used in the book is also very reader-friendly and can be understood even by new trainers. On top of that, it includes a lot of illustrations that can help trainers achieve the correct body positioning and other related actions needed during the training process.


Horse Training In-Hand, despite its realistic and effective approach in training horses, is still subjected to criticism.

Most of those who criticize the book point out that its contents are basically focused on groundwork routines and it does not cover other aspects of training. Aside from that, many critics also question the author’s way of incorporating the classical method of grounding with the overall training methods.


Horse Training In-Hand remains a preferred material for many horse trainers for it discusses the useful aspects of grounding, an important component of horse training.

It is also a preferred resource for many equine owners for it comes at a lower price and works for grounding almost all types of horses.

3. The Truth About Horses: A Guide to Understanding and Training Your Horse

The book The Truth About Horses is one of the most in-demand instructional materials among horse trainers who want to train their equine pets more humanely. This is because the book introduces a unique approach in horse training particularly by understanding the animal’s psychological condition.


The product is a 160-page book with about 300 colored photos created to guide trainers in conducting a totally humane method of training horses.

It is basically a more psychological approach to horse training. It also includes a detailed explanation of why horses tend to develop undesirable behavior when trained, and provides useful tips on how to deal with this.


The book proves to be a preferred material for horse trainers who are in need of information on how to humanely train their equine pets. This is because the material teaches its readers the most realistic ways of training horses using the most appropriate responses that coincide with the animal’s instinct.

Due to this unique approach, the trainer is able to teach horses a lot of things without the need to resort to inhumane practices.


Many horse trainers are not satisfied with the immediate results of using this product in training horses since it dwells more on understanding the animal’s psychological condition.

In addition to that, the training approach introduced by the product is quite difficult to follow and only helps in making horses do basic instead of intermediate-level things.


Despite the criticisms leveled against it, The Truth About Horses is still considered an important resource for most trainers since it helps them understand the psychological aspect of a horse, which is useful in training. It is also regarded as a good guide in taking a more humane approach to training horses.

4. The Modern Horseman’s Countdown to Broke: Real Do-It-Yourself Horse Training in 33 Comprehensive Steps

The Modern Horseman’s Countdown to Broke: Real Do-It-Yourself Horse Training in 33 Comprehensive Steps is regarded as one of the horse training must haves. This is because it provides a lot of useful information that aspiring horse trainers can use in conducting do-it-yourself equine training.

It also comes with the most effective tips to conveniently accomplish horse riding training.


The product is offered as a 258-page book and serves as an ultimate guide that provides detailed instruction on how to train a horse to become a good riding partner.

The information offered by this book is relevant for teaching horses to perform well when used for performance, work and hobby riding.

Aside from that, the product comes with relevant information on how to properly mount the horse from the right or left side, and how to do the proper tying exercises and sacking out. It is divided into 33 comprehensive steps and trainers.


Professional and new horse trainers like the product because it comes with 33 reader-friendly steps that they can gradually teach their horses.

The steps provided in the book are designed well so that they can be easily understood by the reader and followed by the horse. On top of that, the language used is pretty straightforward and does not sound boring like the overly-detailed horse training books written by more conventional authors.


The product is sometimes criticized by trainers because it mostly deals with horse-riding. According to its critics, the book’s content fails to tackle a few important topics such as keeping the horse disciplined and even basic horse psychology.


The book entitled The Modern Horseman’s Countdown to Broke: Real Do-It-Yourself Horse Training in 33 Comprehensive Steps still remains as a must-have for many trainers since it provides the most comprehensive steps in training the horse to become proficient in all types of riding situations.

It is also offered at a budget-friendly price that makes it a top option for trainers with tight budgets.

5. Horse Agility: Liberty Horse Training

Horse Agility: Liberty Horse Training is a popular horse training manual for trainers who intend to develop a stronger bond with their equine friends.

Unlike the usual horse training manuals, this book unveils a whole new training method that most horse owners do not realize exists.


Horse Agility: Liberty Horse Training is a 108-page book written by Koikka Loikka. It comes with a lot of information about horse agility, a popular hobby which is centered on training horses to develop a mutual trust to his trainer or partner.

Due to the development of such trust, the training used in this hobby does not make use of a lead rope or a bridle. Instead, the training taught by this material is conducted in a manner similar to that of training a dog.

In short, the book advocates a rope-less or bridle-less type of training.

Aside from helping horses develop mutual trust to their partner or trainer, the contents of the book also help the animal to become well-disciplined, obedient and very agile.

In addition to that, the routines included in the material can also keep the horse physically and mentally fit. This is because the routines involve teaching the animal to go through different obstacle courses with the least amount of participation from a human being.


Many horse trainers view this product as their top training option when dealing with horses since it comes with a long list of useful procedures that can make their equine pets learn how to be well-disciplined, physically and mentally fit, and obedient.


Despite its unique approach to horse training, this book still has a few downsides. The most significant of these is the fact that not all horses are capable of learning to trust its trainer the same way the book assumes them to be. Thus, the information it provides could be useless in the event that the much needed trust is not established.


Although it is criticized for some of its known downsides, Horse Agility: Liberty Horse Training remains a top alternative for many horse trainers and owners since this provides a complete guide in training horses to behave well, become very obedient and fit.

On top of that, this is offered at a very affordable price.